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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y The study described in the following article was done by Mirosoft, so run to the kitchen and get some grains of salt. "Microsoft's Linux and open-source lab on the Redmond campus has been running some interesting tests of late, one of which was looking at how well the latest Windows client software runs on legacy hardware in comparison to its Linux competitors. The tests, which found that Windows performed as well as Linux on legacy hardware when installed and run out-of-the-box, were done in part to give Microsoft the data it needed to effectively "put to rest the myth that Linux can run on anything." Do with the results as you please, but the topic is interesting nonetheless. What are your experiences?
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Toss the ancient shit out the window
by Bit_Rapist on Sat 7th Jan 2006 22:48 UTC
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If you stuck in a situation where you have to deal with old arss hardware like P2 300 Mhz. or lower machines with only 64 megs of ram do yourself a favor and find a better job with a company that dosen't have its head up its ass.

I worked for an outfit like this once, they had nothing but 233Mhz. or lower pentium machines and of course they expected these to run a pretty *modern* software package with windows 2000 and various apps. The excuse was always "we don't have the money to upgrade". My answer to that is "if you depend on the system(s) you cannot afford to NOT upgrade."

I got sick of working with ancient shit and told them that either they find the money to buy ome good modern hardware or they could use my wages to buy it because I was leaving.

I bailed and today I have a better paying job with a company that dosen't f--k around trying to mickey mouse old computers with modern operating systems. These guys buy good *NEW* hardware when we need it and life is oh so much simpler.

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