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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y The study described in the following article was done by Mirosoft, so run to the kitchen and get some grains of salt. "Microsoft's Linux and open-source lab on the Redmond campus has been running some interesting tests of late, one of which was looking at how well the latest Windows client software runs on legacy hardware in comparison to its Linux competitors. The tests, which found that Windows performed as well as Linux on legacy hardware when installed and run out-of-the-box, were done in part to give Microsoft the data it needed to effectively "put to rest the myth that Linux can run on anything." Do with the results as you please, but the topic is interesting nonetheless. What are your experiences?
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RE[3]: The fact is...
by smashIt on Sun 8th Jan 2006 03:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The fact is..."
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You can't even remove IE. You can make it not be the default but you can not remove it.

sure you can. if you do a customised install you can choose to not install ie.
if you don't want the libraries driving ie, windows-help and some other html-stuff you need a tool from the microsoft homepage (it's a free download).
it's for building an embedded version of windows but basically you can make your own windows-distribution.

(There are third party tools that allow you to remove it, but then you can't patch your machine cause you need it to work with Windows update)

well, what did you expect? not loosing any functionality while removing software? please stop dreaming.

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