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Features, Office The latest version of Portable, an edition of the open source office suite that fits on a USB stick, includes a number of updates such as full support for Windows 2000 and launchers for each application. Portable 2.0.1 includes all the applications included in 2.0.1 and takes up only 144MB of storage space, compared to the 300MB of disk space required by the full version of the office suite. But 144MB is still too big, considering that many USB sticks only store 256MB, according to Gary Barnett, a research director at analyst firm Ovum.
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RE[6]: What are we missing?
by Accident on Sun 8th Jan 2006 05:04 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: What are we missing?"
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Ok can not compare a system in 1990 to one now.

Now your going to tell me that you could run all this:

"On the other hand, even if you HAD all these things (my family mostly did: OfficeWriter 6.2, SuperCalc 5, Tandy Deskmate's Draw and database programs) your computer probably only HAD 20 MB of space.."
on a 1.2MB floppy? (remember no portable harddrives) then take it to any..ANY DOS computer and run it with all your setting?

Now you can almost run your Office from ANY Windows not Linux or Mac) base system in the world with all YOUR settings.
I'm a field tech.....with this I now don't have to carry my laptop around much (still do, but not much) and use the client system.

I don't see any difference in a thumb drive, my car keys and my laptop. I'm going to protect them all (would you?)

I remember Wordperfect, Lotus 123 and dBASE. Do you?
None of them could run on 1, 2 or 3 floppies back then.

So as I said before....... NAME any major program that you can use on ANY Windows (well atlease Win2k & above) system with all the portable .apps with just about all your important files (business or other Docs) that you can have in your keychain?

I have a 512MB keydrive and have over 256MB left for docs.

Now only if they add Linux and Mac. We'll have a R2D2 that can plug into just about and communicate with any system in the world!

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