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Windows Microsoft plans to market several versions of Vista but will distribute all of the OS bits with every product shipped so users can easily unlock and step up to more full-featured versions using electronic keys, sources said.
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While I'm all for fair use, I do not believe your interpretation here is correct, in software, the license gives you ownership, not the bits strictly speaking.

If the bits were on another medium, say another disc or downloadable, then your arguement would fall apart. Likewise, if you had obtained the bits by some illegal means you do not own them just because they are in your possesion. So your arguement that "I poses, therefore I own" stands on false legs in this case.

Software is truly unique in that it has no tangible form, and therefore laws for physical property are poorly equiped to handle its concerns. The closest analogy I can think of is music. Just because you buy the sheet music doesn't mean you are free to create derivative works or to perform it in public. You need permision, usually at a fee, from the originator or current ownder of the music rights, which not-so-coincidentally, is called a LICENCE.

The mistake most of you are making is the assumption that you have paid for the physical disc itself, when in fact you are buying a certain feature-set contained on the disc. Both the use of the medium and the fact that the disc contains more than what you purchased is inconsequential.

I grow very tired of the attitudes of some FOSS extremists / anti-microsoft zealots. "Microsoft has so much money! They *OWE* it to me^H^H us to give us free stuff!" No company owes anyone anything for free, most certainly not simply because you say so. It sounds like the spoiled child of a wealthy father. "Daddy has so much money! He *owes* me a car when I get my license!" Don't even get me started on the "They've never done anything right in the past, so anything they do now or in the future must be wrong" attitude. I'm not here to defend their spotted past, but what motive is there to change if their every move towards the better is second-guessed?

LE: Microsft, we want you to make some changes!
MS: Ok, we're listening. Really, we actually are this time.
LE: I want you to untie Explorer and media center from the OS.
MS: Ok. Done.
LE: I want you to be more modular, secure, and adaptive to the needs of diverse individuals.
MS: Alright, sounds like a good idea to me.
LE: Um... OK, now I want you to give it to me for free.
MS: Well, we ARE a business but lets entertain this thought for a second...
LE: Oh, and open source too. Open Source is the One True Good in this earth. All other software is evil^H^H^H^H proprietary, bloated and buggy.
MS: Oh for chrisakes...

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