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Apple Speculations are very strong just a few days before the Tuesday Steve Jobs keynote. Take the poll and choose from some of the most talked-about rumors around, or leave a comment if you have another opinion as to what Apple has in store for us.
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RE: Personal Predictions
by flotsam on Sun 8th Jan 2006 20:18 UTC in reply to "Personal Predictions"
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Jobs said that there would be Intel-powered hardware by June 2006, not in June 2006, which leaves the possibility open for new hardware to be revealed at the show.

My guesses/predictions, in order of probability:

1. iLife '06, including iWeb - a blogging/web site creation program.
2. iWork '06, including Numbers - a spreadsheet.
3. New iPod shuffle, a bit smaller than before and possibly with a tiny screen and/or different capacities.
4. Intel-powered Mac Mini, with Front Row and (maybe) a remote.
5. Intel-powered iBook, probably only single core.
6. Intel-powered Powerbook, dual core.

Not too sure about #5 - Apple may decide it's worth taking the hit on Powerbooks and only introduce iBooks, until there are more universal binaries around.

I would seriously consider buying a Mac Mini when/if they are released next week. Assuming the price stays the same, it's not too big a risk if I try switching (in part) but decide that Mac OS isn't for me.

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