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Java "Classpath hit 98% of 1.4 [yesterday], and I think we'll see another big bump tomorrow since the XMLEncoder patch went in [yesterday]. I think we're in the 90s against 1.5, though it is hard to say since there hasn't been a branch merge in quite a while. Of course, japi isn't the final word on how we're doing, which is why Mark is going to talk about this at FOSDEM. The coming year looks as though it will be a very good one for gcj and Classpath. I think we'll finish 1.5."
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My numbers are made up and there are a lot of details missing, but my point is that anything less than 100% compatibility is pretty useless unless the software was written with classpath in mind.

Bingo, that is the point of Classpath. Use Classpath to develop your apps and you can run your programs on both Classpath and Sun Java. Use Sun Java to develop your apps and chances are you can't run on Classpath.

It is what the Classpath project recommends, to use Classpath so you don't tie your apps exclusively to Sun's Java and the limited platforms they support.

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