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Linspire Linspire has started another attempt at selling computers pre-installed with their operating system - this time by teaming up with Mirus - called the Koobox. Ars looks at the situation: "At this point it is hard to assess the potential of the Koobox systems. If it succeeds, the product could help legitimize desktop Linux and bring it further into the mainstream. Regardless of how many get sold, the availability of yet another budget Linux PC illuminates the growing popularity of the Linux platform, and contributes to the perception that Linux is applicable to desktop computing."
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RE[2]: If at first you are a hammer...
by glarepate on Mon 9th Jan 2006 22:10 UTC in reply to "RE: If at first..."
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It is a bit overly-broad to make the sweeping statement that nobody wants Linux on their desktop.

You are being much too objective. Try limiting your perceptions a bit.

You may have heard the saying "To a hammer everything looks like a nail." If you don't see everything Linux as hate-able then you either are too undiscriminating in your perceptions or simply don't have your eyes crossed hard enough to bring this issue into apropriate perspective.

Or you are not LinuxH8er.

Or perhaps he was thinking of a particular nobody instead of an actual group that would be the referent of the term nobody.

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