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Mono Project Red Hat was the main opponent against the inclusion of Mono on their products or Gnome's core. But this is all past now and Fedora Core 5 will include Mono and some of its front row applications like Beagle and F-Spot will be too. My Take: After I got tipped on Saturday about this, I talked to Mono's founder, Miguel de Icaza, but he seemed to be genuinely unaware of the latest happenings on Rawhide. The great news will hopefully expand Mono and make GTK# the new recommended toolkit for future Gnome applications (although this is just a personal wish at this point).
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RE: I don't get Mono
by zlynx on Tue 10th Jan 2006 07:03 UTC in reply to "I don't get Mono"
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Mono/.NET benefits: It's a garbage collected virtual machine. That means easy programming and portability, like Java. It's a JIT VM, so that means the portable code is fast. The design learned a lot from Java's mistakes, so it's much faster and the libraries are better.

And my favorite bit: While I wait for one Java application to load, I can launch THREE Mono applications. I seem to be able to fit three Mono applications in the memory space of one Java app, too.

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