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Java A surefire way to ignite a Web flame war is to say one programming language is better than another. James Gosling, known the "father of Java," understands that as well as anybody.
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Java moves too slow
by Yamin on Tue 10th Jan 2006 07:54 UTC
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I like Java and I'm sure its great for server development and all that, but it just moves too slow.

I've read up on mustang and I can't wait. Nevermind all the backend goodness, system tray notification is FINALLY going to be in mustang. Imagine that, for how long have operating system had some kind of a system tray, and now in 2006 Java is finally getting it.

Now, I know you could have downloaded some library to do it, thats not the point.

I understand Java tries to be as cross platform as possible. But with a feature like this, they could have easily added an unsupported exception or something like that. It's really more of an annoyance.

But I agree with the article when it says, Java will deal with the 'complexity' by making the IDEs better, not by dumming down the language. Thats the key, because really its all about the libraries and tools these days.

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