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Linux There have been many recent pieces written about how a resurgent Mac is a threat to Linux. This particularly hit fever pitch when Apple decided to jump ship to Intel CPUs. The notion that the Mac is either a short or long-term threat to Linux is wrong for a number of different reasons. 10 in fact.
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Resurgent Mac good for more than Linux...
by looncraz on Sun 24th Jul 2005 16:34 UTC
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Howdy all, me again...

Think a little as to what could happen if Mac OS X were to enter the x86 market un-tethered to Apple hardware (which will not occur, mind you). Well, firstly, I'd imagine that a fairly good chunk of Microsoft's monopoly would be flung away to new computer shipments with Mac OS X, but that would likely to be short lived knowing Microsoft's aggressiveness.

In any event, that will not occur. Major OEMs will probably never be able to replace Windows unless they offer Apple some pretty juicy reasons to allow the OEMs to use thier software (and support it themselves). In addition, the narrow hardware support will scare OEMs away, as most do not have any teams for driver creation.

So, what will happen in reality?

1. Mac OS X, Intel-based computers will be Apples...
2. Someone will crack the boot-rom lockout.
3. The boot-rom lockout crack will become embedded into
....a dynamic boot manager, likely to be lilo and the
....other open source boot loaders, such as Haiku's
4. Early adopters will actually purchase Mac OS X at
....stores, giving Apple likely an imperceptible gain 'market share'. The ISOs will be available on
....the internet within hours.
5. I will download all required data, as will probably
....many thousands of others to play with OS X on our
....home computers next to Windows and Haiku/Linux or
....whichever AltOS/Combo currently running at that
6. Apple will modify the OS to be more specific with
....hardware and not boot on systems that are not 100%
....Apple-supported components. They may even do this
7. Crackers will crack ISOs removing this limitation,
....but will always remain a step or two behind.
8. Even hobbiests will begin getting a little strained
....and will eventually let the excellent AltOS be.
....Some more wealthy hobbiests will buy Apple machines
....and run their fav OSes on them in dual-boot.
9. Apple sales start to climb slowly as the hobbiests
....start to convince friends and family to use Apple ....hardware, software, and also have Windows. Reason?
....Less virus and spyware problems.
10. Growing sales of Apple computers upsets Microsoft,
....and Microsoft orders the porting of all of the
....Windows-based malware/virus/crap to Mac OS.

Think #10 is unlikely? Well, McAfee (a very large anti-virus company) admitted to creating most of the world's viruses... And they are still in business. Of course, they also claim that none of those viruses were ever spread over the internet... sure...

Anyway, the best thing that will come out of this all for AltOSes is that Apple could become more popular, creating more problems, and making Linux/Haiku look like knights in shining armor. But.. then what happens? More viruses and Spyware to the AltOSes.. so then it goes bad.

But there will always be smaller AltOSes that are superior that we can move to for safety and security by obscurity.

--The loon

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