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Linux "More than five years ago the launch of Microsoft Windows XP - and its considerably improved features and reliability compared with Windows 98 and 2000 - made a comprehensive desktop rollout a no-brainer for companies. The other options were all far from desirable. Now, as the world gears up for the launch of Windows Vista, the conclusion may not be so cut and dry. Certainly, Vista is set to be feature-packed and reliable, and many companies will move to the new platform as a matter of course. However, Linux has come a long way in five years, with the concerted effort of hobbyists around the world supplemented by the resources of tech heavyweights to push its desktop features to near-parity with Windows XP."
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RE[3]: Costs of switching
by miro on Tue 10th Jan 2006 12:59 UTC
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Well you cannot legally use win32 codecs on linux, it does not matter if it is possible. Also I'm not aware of any drm codec available for linux (maybe there is one from real). For example T-Mobile launched a video renting site, which only works with *tada* windows. I'm sure Google video store will work with IE too. I couldn't care less about drm right now, it is just not that great with linux & multimedia right now.

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