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Linspire Linspire has started another attempt at selling computers pre-installed with their operating system - this time by teaming up with Mirus - called the Koobox. Ars looks at the situation: "At this point it is hard to assess the potential of the Koobox systems. If it succeeds, the product could help legitimize desktop Linux and bring it further into the mainstream. Regardless of how many get sold, the availability of yet another budget Linux PC illuminates the growing popularity of the Linux platform, and contributes to the perception that Linux is applicable to desktop computing."
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by gplCop318 on Tue 10th Jan 2006 14:32 UTC
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some people....
Did I say you were wrong... All I said is both sides should be fairly presented.

Do a story about debian and see how many people post about long release times, I bet even you would say something about it. But that is a somewhat fair criticism since woody took a while and sarge was wayyy overdue. Another fair criticism is that stable contains older software that some may not be happy with. See, fair criticism.

That is all I offer about Linspire. Just you and others prefer to villify me and accuse me of lying and making things up and calling me troll. You never counter what I say only proceed to attack me and try to discredit my character and not my arguement...

PLEASE - show me the written offer of source code contained on the EXTRAS cd? PROVE me wrong instead of just calling me a troll. Waiting.... with baited troll breath...

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