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Original OSNews Interviews A powerful 2D animation product, Synfig, was open sourced recently under the GPL after the company behind it failed in the market place. The application is still actively maintained by its original author, Robert B. Quattlebaum, which we interview today about.
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Looks really nice
by rain on Tue 10th Jan 2006 17:38 UTC
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The tweening looks far worse than when it's made manually, it shows that it's morphed between shapes and not drawn. HOWEVER, this would be very useful for low budget productions such as tv shows, commersials etc. and I guess that was the target from the start. Not having to hire an asian studio to do the job and instead do it inhouse would be valuable. This will also be useful for single artists making short movies.

But for more expressionate and "artsy" productions I would pass on this one. I can't imagine a movie like "The Triplets of Belleville" being made with this technique, it would ruin the movie.
I for one prefer the older animations where you actually see the different pen strokes of each frame. It makes it looks much more alive and personal. Those movies costs a lot to make though.

This seems like a very valuable tool and I'd like to thank Robert B. Quattlebaum for opening it up instead of taking it with him in the grave.
I'm sad that his business didn't work, I've been there too. But it's better to leave before you go down with it.

Thanks again!

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