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Apple Apple's Steve Jobs has announced several new products today during his keynote at MacWorld (photos). After the usual chit-chat about the success of the retail stores and iTunes, Jobs got to the meat of the matter. He announced an FM-tuner with remote-control for the Nano/Video iPod. Read more for the really interesting stuff!
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Expected better hardware specs
by mjg59 on Tue 10th Jan 2006 19:49 UTC
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Lenovo announced the Thinkpad T60 last week (no, not shipping yet). It's based on the same Duo processor as the Macbook, but the top-end model is 2.1GHz rather than 1.8, is available with the same X1600 GPU as the Macbook and is likely to retail for a similar sort of amount.

At that point, you're comparing two machines with similar build qualities. The Mac comes with backlit keyboard, built-in camera and the magnetic power connector. The T60 comes with 3G/EDGE/whatever, is slightly lighter and has a 3-year warranty as standard. Unless you desperately need any of these, there's no real reason to go for one over the other.

So while the Macbook looks like good hardware, it's not actually better than the competition. I'd expect people to be buying based on OS rather than based on the hardware.

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