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Apple Apple's Steve Jobs has announced several new products today during his keynote at MacWorld (photos). After the usual chit-chat about the success of the retail stores and iTunes, Jobs got to the meat of the matter. He announced an FM-tuner with remote-control for the Nano/Video iPod. Read more for the really interesting stuff!
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quite funny...
by synergy on Tue 10th Jan 2006 21:19 UTC
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i must agree with those that find it hilarious how apple now touts intel chips over powerpc while they told in detail why powerpc was better than x86 in the past - call it a 180 degree-turn (otoh, pentium m is a different beast than the netburst architecture - however...)!

also the price for the powerbook in germany is from 2599 upwards - a far cry from the $1999 mentioned here, especially given that the euro is higher than the dollar!

at around 1800 it would have become interesting to me, because i'm looking for a new notebook.
but at the inflationary prices, i'll leave to the mac enthusiasts!
sadly apple doesn't sell os-x without the hardware. if the price would be comparable to win xp or soon vista, apple would soon sell as much licenses as microsoft does, and they would make much more money than they currently do.
maybe somewhere in the future, steve jobs will come to the same conclusion!

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