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Apple Apple's Steve Jobs has announced several new products today during his keynote at MacWorld (photos). After the usual chit-chat about the success of the retail stores and iTunes, Jobs got to the meat of the matter. He announced an FM-tuner with remote-control for the Nano/Video iPod. Read more for the really interesting stuff!
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RE: If you take 30 seconds...
by Ravyne on Tue 10th Jan 2006 21:51 UTC in reply to "If you take 30 seconds..."
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Agreed. I'd bet that single-cores will go into the mini and at least the two lower-end ibook replacements. I'd also bet that the PowerMac G5 won't be replaced until the conroe/morem CPUs are available at the end of the year. I also think they'll need something that fills the gap of the 12" powerbook, so there will either be a dual-core iBook replacement at the high end of that line, or another MacBook Pro later with some slight enhancements over the iBooks, but basically the same. As for the mini, it might be dual-core as well if it becomes the media center mac that everyone's been claiming, because Intel's viiv platform prescribes a core-duo as part of the chipset. I also hope that the retain the dedicated graphics solution when they do announce the iBook and mini replacements instead of integrating Intel's GMA onboard stuff. Not only would that suck for graphics, but it wouldn't accelerate their Core-imaging library either.

As long as Vista or XP will run on these things, my next machine will be a dual-core mac.

Also, MacBook is a retarded name. I don't understand how something so ugly can come out of the Apple camp. Somebody's sleeping on the job.

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