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Windows BentUser takes a look at the differrences between Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista b5270. The differrences are interesting and help to show what improvements, if any, have been made in the oft-delayed operating system.
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Ok article.
by Ravyne on Wed 11th Jan 2006 04:46 UTC
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It was an ok article, but rather than comparing programs and panels, I'd have rather heard more about the new security features and more about how the concept of Users has changed from NT/XP to Vista.

I've read that Vista embraces the Least-privilaged User Account mindset common in *nix, *bsd, etc. So I want to know how this will actually work. XP kind of supports it, but without any sort of data-hiding AFAIK if you know where to look, and many programs need admin rights so much so that any user doing more than web-email-word processing needs to be an admin unless they have a real-life admin to configure it correctly.

Bottom line, Vista needs proper user accounts that my mom could set up and I'd like to know what they're going to offer.

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