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Opera Software Embedded Linux tools vendor Trolltech has announced a strategic partnership with web browser software vendor Opera through which the two companies will develop Linux products for the mobile communications and home entertainment markets. Elsewhere, Opera gets BitTorrent support.
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RE: Opera
by DonQ on Thu 7th Jul 2005 15:21 UTC in reply to "Opera"
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But one good thing about Firefox is the plugins extention system, which gives you things like Adblock and Greasemonkey and Bugmenot extentions. If they could work on Opera that would be excellent!

Actually Greasemonkey scripts do work on Opera. Opera v8 has UserJS (user javascript) support, which can execute both Greasemonkey and Opera-specific scripts. (This made me start coding in javascript lately, btw:)

About Trolltech, Opera and BitTorrent - all good news.

Interesting, will IE next version include something like this - Avalanche for example? Or needs Firefox implement BitTorrent first and then MS has nothing to do but must include it either.

(Imagine next gen MSN toolbar - you cannot use BitTorrent if you don't have MSN search box visible;)

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