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Bugs & Viruses Users of Windows who have set the Automatic Updates option to "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them" were surprised to find that the latest WMF patch had overridden these settings and not only installed the patch, but rebooted the machines as well.
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RE: Anti MS Paranoia
by cayfer on Thu 12th Jan 2006 10:54 UTC in reply to "Anti MS Paranoia"
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Non-administrative users applying patces? Weird! What
does the admin do then? Ohhh. I see.. he/she is enjoying
the privilege of rebooting the system manually!

Furhermore, if you go deep enough into the registry, or
even deep into the code, you can change ANY option; and
even can remove vulnerabilities!

I cannot understand why an admin should have an
equivalent of a PhD degree in undocumented registry
features. We, UNIXers do such things in human readable
AND documented config files. (See OpSYS-101 notes/text books).

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