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GTK+ This article, the second in a three-part series titled "GTK+ fundamentals," introduces you to programming with GTK+. It analyzes a sample GTK+ application written in C, then shows that same application written in Python and C#. Finally, it discusses some useful tools that can help you develop better applications faster with GTK+.
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Win consistency
by miro on Thu 12th Jan 2006 13:37 UTC
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Ah common, and look closer, notepad, winrar, winzip, powerarchiver, office, outlook look definitely not the same. Each of these apps have different toolbars, different size of icons, different menus, some are flat some are more 3D. On my win2000 machine, some apps have xp style menus, some don't, some apps use the File, Edit, View .. Help menu system some don't. Sometimes the difference between a VC app and a delphi app is far greater then notepad <-> gtk / Qt app.

I think that the bigger problem here is not how apps LOOK like but that they all WORK in a different way. Most gtk+ programs have a connection to gnome, which WORKS a *little* different than windows.

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