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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems tried to acquire Apple once and then almost merged with Apple on two other occasions, according to Sun co-founder Bill Joy. Beyond these deals, the two companies almost teamed on three other projects including sharing a user interface and the SPARC architecture.
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by Hae-Yu on Thu 12th Jan 2006 22:45 UTC
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Since I have to hack my cell phone just to put my own ring tones on it, I'm a bit jaded. Or I could just pay Verizon $2.50 per ring tone. I don't know about the phones being the device-center, at least in America. The cell companies have a lock on content and cripple their phones. If we could separate devices from pipes from content, everything would be fine.

It's a fantastic idea, and the possibilities are endless, but the realities will keep it off the ground.

McNealy isn't the best person to listen to when it comes to predicting the future.

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