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Java Although, because of its prominence, Java gets a lot of attention and with it much criticism (some of it valid), many don't realize that some big breakthroughs have arrived and that the Java development landscape is solving important problems. Also, posted their "product of the year" awards for 2006. Java related products have the strongest showing with the largest number of awards.
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future is what you make it
by Guido Draheim on Sat 14th Jan 2006 08:19 UTC
Guido Draheim
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Java is currently the main language used in teaching at universities. That makes for a dominance in many free projects.

When the web server technologies were raving in the late 1990ies it was java to fill in gaps - like migration of threads and object persistance. Many commercial projects started back then - being stable now.

Both these sources make for a contemporary dominance - but that should not be taken as a sign that java is the primary language in the future. The biggest problem in the java world is not the syntax - instead it is still lacking a common object format and a portable runtime with a common subset for mobile, desktop and server applications.

Apart from these I know quite a number of concepts that are still missing in the mindset of java developers. Querying source code (like a database), contract programming (microsoft has a research update of c#), type inference to name just a few. Sadly, I happen to meet lots of people who think that programming on interfaces is the best thing in the world. Need an update?

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