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Morphos With a delay of a few days, Genesi has released the schematics to its Pegasos Rev.2b5 motherboard. You can download it from here, but you'll need to sign up (free) on They even blogged about it, stating: "If you are just along for the ride you can stop reading now. Your challenge: be the best you can be. That is the competition. We are in the human line that stretches behind and beyond us. We all can have a role to play. To participate we have to start within ourselves, find firm footing, and launch into the world around us."
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Thank you dear Thom Holwerda for you signalled the fact that first batch of schematics of Pegasos are now available.

However this is not the news I submitted, and you also pointed to the blog of Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco that I didn't even knew of it, neither considered it (at the time I submitted whole affair).

Also I pointed the fact that with completely Open Source Hardware there could be these scenarios:

1) A strict joint with Linux developers and other Open Source developers is now possible.

2) Open Source technicians could now modify Pegasos motherboard and upgrade it.

3) Resellers could hire manufacturers to produce batches of Pegasos Motherboards, without paying any fee to Genesi.

4) Gropus of customers could now join and collect funds to hire manufacturers (In Europe, USA, or Far East [China, Taiwan, South Corea]) for producing small quantities of motherboards.

Honey, That is really Silicon On Demand.

5) Power users can even produce their special-bodied pumped-up motherboards.

So please, the news as you forwarded, for the fact that you modeled it all, are all yours.

I leave you all the honour for had posting that.

Then, please remove: «submitted by Raffaele» statement.

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