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Mac OS X Do you want to make the most of your Mac applications? Like all operating systems, the Mac has many different levels of programming, and more than 80 percent of all applications built for OS X leverage AppleScript as an automation tool. In this introductory article, Matthew David tells you how you can best leverage AppleScript for your Mac applications.
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some options...
by soapdog on Mon 25th Jul 2005 01:18 UTC
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The linux/oss advocates here are missing the point. The cool thing about AppleScript is automation. To be able to code app interaction. for example, fetch a file list from the finder, pipe them to Quark express, build thumbnail gallery and page, save as HTML, upload to FTP... all driven by applescript. although we have hooks for Python to support AppleEvents and thus work this app interation, it still far from the easy to use experience of AppleScript, a language that anyone can understand, heck, I've seen designers make scripts to automate lots of things that would require a skilled python or perl code to do in other environments.

As for other options, I can remember from memory:
There is UserTalk from Userland Frontier (wasn't it a osascript language?!)
There is AREXX on the Amiga
There is BeScript for BeOS/Zeta which expose BeOS messaging system as applescript like language... I find it strange, but it is a nice try.

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