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Intel Apple's television ads for its new Macs boast that for years, Intel's chips have been "trapped inside PCs - dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks." Now, the voiceover proclaims, the Intel processor will finally be set free. Of course, that's not exactly the way Intel would put it. "Never would we characterize our customers that way."
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by mikehearn on Sat 14th Jan 2006 17:13 UTC
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It's astonishing that Apple can spin the fact that nothing now distinguishes their hardware from regular PCs except the case as the competition being "dull".

I am guessing that Apples target audience with these ads simply don't know Apples history of "exotic" technology being progressively dumped in favour of industry standards, and so can't make any objective comparisons.

Even so, the Intel Inside campaign means almost everybody knows that Intel chips power standard PCs - so how can an advert that promotes the fact that Apple are now the same possibly work?

I guess this is why I'm not in marketing ... oh and FWIW this attitude of theirs is pretty annoying. I'm a PC user so I guess this means I only use my computer for "dull" things (and by extension must be a dull person)? Adverters like to promote a lifestyle that goes with a product but these guys seem to have got a bit carried away and started insulting their potential customers lifestyles too! Not something that particularly makes me want to buy a mac.

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