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Intel Apple's television ads for its new Macs boast that for years, Intel's chips have been "trapped inside PCs - dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks." Now, the voiceover proclaims, the Intel processor will finally be set free. Of course, that's not exactly the way Intel would put it. "Never would we characterize our customers that way."
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RE[2]: BS commercial
by garfield on Sun 15th Jan 2006 03:33 UTC in reply to "RE: BS commercial"
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Regarding comparitive power consumption, according to an article I read awhile ago, the g5 powermac cpu chews up a huge amount of power, the intel chews up about half that, and the amd 64 bit cpus chew up about half the power that the intel ones do. The g4 was also included in that comparison, taking up not quiet as much power as the g5.

So on the desktop at least, it seems amd have a significant edge in power consumption, something they've been promoting lately, particularly when it comes to server cpus.

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