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Mac OS X The ultra powerful alternative file manager for Mac OS X 10.4.x was just released: Path Finder 4 (screenshot). The new version sports over 100 improvements and features bringing Path Finder one step closer to perfection. Read more for our quick write up on the new release.
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RE: Pretty good UI!
by IndigoJo on Sun 15th Jan 2006 10:51 UTC in reply to "Pretty good UI!"
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[Will we ever see gtk+ apps as beautiful as this one? I'm not talking about the theme, but the way the window is designed. Try to mimick that in GTK+, and you'll always get something that looks worse and uses much more screen estate.]

Does Path Finder use standard widgets or do they design some of their own? As I understand it most GTK+ apps simply use the standard GTK and GNOME widgets or composites of them; the same is true of Qt and KDE apps. The result is that you get a uniform look across the desktop, which you don't get on OS X nowadays because everyone seems to want some different variation on metal. But they do need to make it easier in GTK and Qt to choose smaller font sizes without going straight to points.

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