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KDE For the fourth consecutive year a group of KDE PIM developers followed the gracious invitation of Intevation GmbH to meet at their headquarters in Osnabrueck, Germany on the first weekend in January. As in the past years, the face-time proved very productive especially since everyone felt that with KDE 4 the time for more fundamental changes has come. By the end of the meeting the group had agreed on a vision and initial architecture for a unified, extensible storage service for PIM data and metadata, allowing all applications on the desktop fast and reliable access as well as powerful search capabilities. This service, codenamed 'Akonadi', together with intiatives like Plasma and Solid will form the basis of an exciting KDE 4 experience.
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by dikatlon on Sun 15th Jan 2006 19:46 UTC
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Well I love to hear this!
I have started to create an oss variant of WinFS.
I gonna stop with that, and will gladely be with the kde community to develop/help with the Akonadi project.

You cant understand how good this is - it's not just about search - it's about storage.

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