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Linux "Linux has made major inroads on servers and in data centers running both open-source and proprietary applications on millions of computers worldwide. We've recently seen the rise of Linux on mobile devices. But the Linux desktop remains elusive. We know it's out there, but it only now seems to be approaching the tipping point."
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RE: What linux needs...
by Accident on Mon 16th Jan 2006 00:56 UTC in reply to "What linux needs..."
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You are on the right track..........

Linux or others just need this.......

1. Make the same GAMES available (as Windows)
2. Autodesk (AutoCAD) and Adobe (all) get off there A** and Others to port the software.
3. Preinstall on OEM (this is very important...if Windows was not preinstall its user base would not be so big)

People only know Windows because its already there.
The OEMs have to change that, but the majority are to scared of Microsoft.

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