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Internet & Networking "One of the biggest issues involved with becoming a web publisher is the question of hosting. With an internet clogged with false hosting review sites, hosting companies trying to rip you off, and hosting companies run by 14 year olds, the majority of web publishers are at the mercy of random chance when it comes to finding a quality host. To solve this huge problem and to grant freedom to all, we have come up with 75 extremely specific steps that will get you up and running with a *nix box (running FreeBSD), along with the most recent versions of Apache, Perl, PHP, and MySQL."
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Not as trivial
by SmallPotato on Mon 16th Jan 2006 01:44 UTC
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IMO, making a public web server is not as trivial as simply installing L/F/WAMP, etc, but the administrator also needs to maintain the server, such as updating the system, concerns about security, etc, etc. Simply setup a server without further administration and maintenance is dangerous in that the server will contain security holes.

And I don't really like these kind of step by step guides. Although readers can follow the steps, those don't have knowledges in hosting (in FreeBSD in this case, for example) don't have the knowledge to understand the steps, and they don't really know what they are really doing. What they really need is the knowledge of the, at least, using the OS, the servers, and the methods to control the system, such that the users can setup servers by themselves.

Just my 2 cents.

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