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KDE "Recently at a Linux show, John Littler saw a preview of a new version of KDE running on a KDE developer's laptop. The interface looked cleaner than before, and apparently there was a whole raft of new stuff under the hood. John recently interviewed KDE developer Aaron J. Seigo about the forthcoming KDE 4 (due in the fall) and also a little about the recent controversy surrounding the porting of KDE to operating systems other than Linux."
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I do believe he was talking about comparing K3b with Nero for Windows. Nero for Linux (while it does work) uses the interface for gnome toaster, which hasn't been updated for a very long time. Nero for Linux uses the same API, which works wonderfully for burning tons of stuff, especially the nero native format (.nrg) Last time I used k3b, it didn't support that.

Nero for Linux for me just works, I've had tons of problems getting K3b to work for me at times, but then I usually use a development release of Debian (or now Ubuntu).

Nero (windows) is a lot better and has more features than k3b by a long shot.


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