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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Corporation has set a March launch date for a version of its Firefox Web browser that will run on Apple's Intel version of Mac OS X. "We are targeting the official release of Firefox for Intel Mac OS X in late March with the Firefox update," Mozilla software engineer Josh Aas told ZDNet. Demand for the browser on Apple's new CPU platform is expected to rocket as the PC vendor last week started selling the first Macs based on CPUs from Intel. However, an unofficial build can be found here.
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what's the hold-up?
by chrish on Mon 16th Jan 2006 13:50 UTC
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I wonder what the hold-up is; I've already recompiled my Mac OS X apps ( as Universal binaries. I assume Firefox doesn't use XCode, but still, make it compile in gcc 4 and you're mostly done... I assume.

- chrish

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