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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As reported by Engadget, Apple Newton enthusiasts have the Einstein core running on a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA. The port is still slow but the developers are hopeful to fully optimize it soon.
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by Feneric on Mon 16th Jan 2006 14:45 UTC in reply to "I'd like to see..."
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Agreed. It's really the cohesion between the hardware and the software that makes a Newton MessagePad special. Unfortunately I think there are a couple of issues standing in the way of making new Newton hardware in the near future:

1. Cost. It's more expensive to make a good compact modern computer than it is to make a good desktop system or a good retro system. With the C64 "gamesticks" that were recently released, they were able to get the cost per unit down low enough that they knew they could sell enough to justify a production run. I don't think that's the case with the Newton.

2. Legal Concerns. It's one thing to make a free Newton emulator that runs on Mac OS X or Linux and requires a ROM image from an original Newton to function -- it's quite another to make a stand-alone device that functions as a Newton for sale. Keep in mind that when Apple axed the Newton they turned down at least two offers to purchase the technology. This was just after they'd accepted a large sum of money from Microsoft for non-public reasons, and at the time there were rumors that the killing of the Newton (which was then beating WinCE in the marketplace) was part of the deal.

All that being said I'd love to see such a device (assuming it captured the soul of the Newton) and I'd be one of the ones lined up to purchase it. The Newton has features that even today can't be found in any other competing device; I wrote a bit about it (that's too long to repeat) here:

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