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General Unix "UWIN or Unix for WINdows, is developed and released by AT&T Laboratories and David Korn - the creator of Korn shell. UWin basically consists of a set of tools and libraries which helps application developers compile and run Unix applications natively on windows. The tools include a complete shell (Korn Shell) for Windows which is bundled with all the command line tools you find in Linux/Unix."
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RE: Windows Services for UNIX
by glarepate on Mon 16th Jan 2006 21:55 UTC in reply to "Windows Services for UNIX"
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I know UWin has been around for close to 10 years, maybe longer. I got a tech suport job for a different Unix-to-Windows porting software company because I was aware of both products back in 1997. Yes, just knowing about the products was enough to get me the job. (;

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has used UWin and SFU (which is for porting from Unix to Win as I understand it.)

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