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GNU, GPL, Open Source The Free Software Foundation has published the first draft of the GPL v3, the successor to the most popular open source license. The rationale behind some of the changes are here, while comments are here. Danese Cooper of OSI has posted her comments too. Update: Stallman: "We've partly removed the inconveniences of preventing a user from combining code from various free software packages." More here.
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RE: I was hoping for more...
by dagw on Mon 16th Jan 2006 22:38 UTC in reply to "I was hoping for more..."
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There are a number of licenses which are BSD-like. If that's what you want use one of those. I personally think the GPL should stay GPL-like for those time when you actually want those features. Sometimes a project calls for a BSD license, somtimes for a GPL. They both serve a purpose and making one more like the other would destory this purpose.

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