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Apple Reports spreading across the web that Intel Macs can't boot Windows XP might be inaccurate. Intel Australia, while being careful not to comment on Apple's hardware specifically, says motherboards based on the Intel 945 chipset already support EFI and can boot Windows with no problems. The key appears to be whether Apple has included a "compatibility support module". Explored in more depth in this article at APC Magazine.
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This has got to be bad... But for whom?
by glarepate on Mon 16th Jan 2006 22:55 UTC in reply to "This has got to be bad..."
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If Apple allows Vista to run on a Mac, then third party developers will just start demanding Mac users boot into Vista to run their software.

If third party developers start developing on Macs and porting to other OSes then what? MS will be doomed/marginalized and Macs will rule the world?

Having a useful development environment can be more practical than having the most common OS environment in certain cases. There are environments and toolkits (Cygwin, MKS Toolkit, UWin etc.) that allow Unix developers to build Windows apps. Some developers prefer that because they can use the tools that they are familiar, productive and comfortable with. I believe that there are environments for porting Unix apps to Windows as well. Has any of this created a tipping point that swamped other OSes into oblivion?

Even so, it's OK to be unhappy if that is your preferred platform. )^B

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