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GNU, GPL, Open Source The Free Software Foundation has published the first draft of the GPL v3, the successor to the most popular open source license. The rationale behind some of the changes are here, while comments are here. Danese Cooper of OSI has posted her comments too. Update: Stallman: "We've partly removed the inconveniences of preventing a user from combining code from various free software packages." More here.
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And that the last say 0.1% was taken from a project that falls under the GPL.

And you would jump through how many and what kind of hoops in order to keep from having to implement that 0.1% of the code base yourself (or hire someone to do it) rather than license the resulting product under the GPL? Are GPL coders so advanced that being unable to match their accomplishments becomes a stopping point? Or are they just regular coders like most anyone else?

I suspect you may be a better coder than you give yourself credit for. Even if not you still have other options.

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