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Internet & Networking "Six years ago, Mark Spencer started his own Linux technical support business. Unlike other tech startups at the time, he spent his money frugally. Spencer had to; he didn't even have enough to pay for an office PBX system, which can cost up to several thousands of dollars. 'I had about $4000 [EUR 3300] to start it out with, and I wasn't about to buy a phone system, so I figured I'd just make one,' he says."
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Asterisk is great. We've been using it in a 30+ person company for over a year. It saved us a ton of money. I've known Mark since around the time he was starting Linux Support Services and coding gaim. He interviewed me for a pretty funny job. I thought I was being hired as a sysadmin for an ISP, but I later found out they basically hired me to shut the place down because the owner didn't know how to.

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