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Linux What ever happened to the total computer newbies who tried Debian (part I | part II)? Mike, Diane, Mary & Carla are still doing very well, although much has changed since the first articles were written. They no longer use Libranet. They no longer use Gnome & believe it or not, Windows has now been installed. Read along to find out what happened.
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1) I am pretty sure my SuSE install talked about installing alongside windows and resizing windows. It makes no guarantees it won't break windows as any messing with the partition table can break stuff.
2) Dialup is very simple in KDE setup and running. However it does depend on your modem.
3) Worked for mine, did it during the install, however it configured multiple queues which is confusing for a Windows person.
4) Any Digital Camera using the USB Mass Storage standard just works. Scanner I admit was a little tricky but I had a cheap no-name brand of scanner.
5) Ok I have never had that problem with my two LCD's , one Philips one BenQ.

My experience was that most/all of my periferals and network configs worked out of the box with SuSE 10. Windows XP is a different story, could not get > 800x600 until I loaded the video card driver, couldn't config the LCD screen until I loaded that driver, sound card etc was limited until I got the mother board drivers loaded (4 reboots).

Remember Nubie's don't often install OS's, they use pre-installed.

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