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Hardware, Embedded Systems 6 months ago N. Blachford wrote an article based on the 2002 Cell processor patent application. Since that original document, the Cell evolved considerably in both hardware and software. This new version has been rewritten to cover those changes. New sections have also been added to cover Cell software development and the design of the architecture.
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Nicholas Blachford
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same quality. Nothing happened....
totaly wrong predictions. same as now.

Have you even read the article?

"IBM have announced a blade system made up of a series of dual Cell “workstations”. The system is rated at up to 16 TeraFlops, which will require 64 Cells."...
well where ?

Try Google, It was all over the web months ago.

There is no Cell Workstation. There a 2 Blade prototypes. Nothing more ? Nothing more...

The "workstation" and the "blade" are the same machine.

Well, the G6 aka PPC980s are dead with the switch from Apple to Intel. Well, there is would be a Power 6, there is definitly the Cell (we will see how fast in real). But nothing more anymore.

There's another 2 1/2 years to go, we don't know what's still in development.

You see, its a defending game of a beloved processor.

I have an interest in a certain family of processors and write about them. There's a zillion x86 sites out there so there's really not much I could add to their coverage. Hardly "beloved".

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