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General Development "Perl 6 is the long-awaited redesign and reimplementation of the popular and venerable Perl programming language. It's not out yet - nor is there an official release date - but the design and implementations make continual progress. Innumerable programmers, hackers, system administrators, hobbyists, and dabblers write Perl 5 quite successfully. The language doesn't have the marketing budget of large consulting companies, hardware manufacturers, or tool vendors pushing it, yet people still use it to get their jobs done. Why argue with that success? Why redesign a language that's working for so many people and in so many domains? Sure, Perl 5 has some warts, but it does a lot of things very well."
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I don't understand where Perl is going.
by Treza on Wed 18th Jan 2006 11:14 UTC
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* Either they should enhance Perl5 in a compatible way : Faster, better libraries...
* Either the creators of Perl realize that Perl is becoming obsolete, comparing with Python & Ruby, and a new language could be created from ground up for fun and profit. Perl 6 introduces such dramatic changes that one wonders why don't they fully abandon the Perl syntax ( and its syntaxic noise ... )

The goals behind Parrot seems equally strange. The idea that a register based VM could change significantly the performance seems naive when modern VMs use JIT compilers and adapts to the real number of the host CPU's registers. That VM is also too low level to permit advanced optimisations ( see LLVM ... ).

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