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Linux What ever happened to the total computer newbies who tried Debian (part I | part II)? Mike, Diane, Mary & Carla are still doing very well, although much has changed since the first articles were written. They no longer use Libranet. They no longer use Gnome & believe it or not, Windows has now been installed. Read along to find out what happened.
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RE[4]: Gentoo?
by wilburpan on Wed 18th Jan 2006 06:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Gentoo?"
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I've been a long time Gentoo user (>3 years). I'm also a non-IT person (I'm a pediatrician). I think the real benefit of Gentoo is not the ricer aspects of tweaking your system, but the excellent package management system with portage.

And as far as compiling apps and upgrades sucking the life out of your computer, all I can say is that I had Gentoo installed on a crappy 6 year old P-III laptop, and was able to compile apps and use both KDE and Gnome without a noticeable slowdown in performance.

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