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Oracle and SUN Someone has found the manual to Sun's Ultra 40 - which hasn't even been announced yet. The machine clearly is the bigger brother of the Ultra 20. It apparently sports two AMD Opteron processors (single or dualcore; 2.0Ghz or faster; 1MB cache), eight PC3200 DIMM slots (2GB per DIMM), and more. It will come pre-loaded with Solaris 10 (obviously) but RedHat/SUSE Linux Enterprise/Windows are also supported, in both 32bit and 64bit.
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RE[5]: Sun is even busier
by segedunum on Wed 18th Jan 2006 17:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Sun is even busier"
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Because they are giving the customers what they have been asking for?

Customers aren't asking for it. You give your customers a line of workstations (or servers) that are clear and related to each other. You don't muck about by offering what 'you think' customers want because you really want them to be using SPARC.

Because if they sell Opterons as well as SPARC they sell more machines and make more money?

In what way? What makes Opterons outsell SPARC? And if it's outselling SPARC then sell Opterons exclusively. It's obviously a selling point. All you've told me there is that Opterons outsell SPARC.

Because the different CPUs have different strengths and are useful in different situations?

Not on workstations, as I've pointed out. SPARC is a high-end processor, and that's its only domain now. If Sun want to sell it as a workstation and convince customers then they need to make it clear to customers what they are selling. If customers are scratching their heads about what you sell, and you are confusing them with talk about 'choice' and the non-existent 'different strengths', then they simply go elsewhere.

Because you want to be able to run Windows and Redhat and Solaris all on the same box?

That's a selling point for selling Opterons (and a weak one at that considering Sun want you to use Solaris), so what's the point of SPARC?

Look, we all know that Sun don't really want to sell anything that doesn't have SPARC in it, so they've got one of two options. Commit totally to what is actually selling (Opterons), or make SPARC an actual viable option on workstations, or many servers, and stick with it. The market has spoken on that front, and that is 'what customers want'.

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