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Oracle and SUN Someone has found the manual to Sun's Ultra 40 - which hasn't even been announced yet. The machine clearly is the bigger brother of the Ultra 20. It apparently sports two AMD Opteron processors (single or dualcore; 2.0Ghz or faster; 1MB cache), eight PC3200 DIMM slots (2GB per DIMM), and more. It will come pre-loaded with Solaris 10 (obviously) but RedHat/SUSE Linux Enterprise/Windows are also supported, in both 32bit and 64bit.
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RE[6]: Sun is even busier
by Phillip.Fayers on Wed 18th Jan 2006 18:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Sun is even busier"
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Look, we all know that Sun don't really want to sell anything that doesn't have SPARC in it,

They bought a company that designed Opteron servers then proceeded to sell them at a market competitive price. They negotiated with AMD to get a special Sun version of the AMD CPUs manufactured. Sounds like a company who wants to sell something which isn't SPARC.

so they've got one of two options. Commit totally to what is actually selling (Opterons), or make SPARC an actual viable option on workstations, or many servers, and stick with it.

Or option 3. Sell Opteron and SPARC systems, with both being viable options.

The market has spoken on that front, and that is 'what customers want'.

I think the market is speaking by buying both SPARC and Opteron systems from Sun.

Sun may be looking to dump SPARC altogether, but I doubt it. Even if they were they wouldn't do it until Opteron (or some other chip) could replace their high end servers which won't happen for some time.

I lament the almost lack of decent, cheap SPARC workstations from Sun, I think it harms their business becuase people grow up with Linux on x86 instead. Sun have, finally, decided that they ought to be making some money from the huge x86 market. I'm glad they did.

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