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Apple Intel has released betas of its software development tools for Mac OS X running on the Intel architecture. The tools consist of a Fortran and C++ compilers, a math kernel library and a performance primitives library. The tools are specifically designed to support Intel's Core Duo dual-core processor, as found in all the new Macs. The toolchain integrates into Apple's Xcode IDE, meaning the Intel compilers can be used in the production of Universal Binaries--applications packaged with code for both Power and Intel architecture machines.
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RE: Objective-C
by robojerk on Wed 18th Jan 2006 20:06 UTC in reply to "Objective-C"
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No Obj-c yet..

From the article
One drawback of using the new tools may be that they don't support Objective C, which many Mac applications will be written in. Objective C is considered to be the native language for Mac OS X, and before version 1.5 there was little support for C++ in Xcode. Intel has no plans to support Objective C, so existing developers will almost certainly have to modify their applications to take advantage of Intel's dual-core processors.

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