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FreeBSD "For software that's been around since the late '70s, before any of today's more popular operating systems, open source BSDs (in their current avatars) don't get their due share of hard disks. FreeBSD, one of the first BSD flavors to emerge from the 386BSD project, is a Unix-like free operating system based originally on the BSD branch of 386BSD and later 4.4BSD-Lite. This makes BSDs more like traditional Unixes than Linux. Late last year FreeBSD unleashed release 6.0, with better support for 64-bit and wireless hardware. Here's our review."
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RE[2]: Different viewpoint
by DeadFishMan on Thu 19th Jan 2006 04:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Different viewpoint"
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That has bothered me about reviews for a really long time: most of them just suck. They mostly cover installation and almost never concentrate on usage, which is very unfortunate since one is very likely to spend more time using an OS than installing it (unless one is still runs Win98).

I've found that it is generally better to read discussions in forums to get an impression of an OS than to read reviews. Reviews just suck, and maybe it would help if highly frequented sites like this one stopped posting shallow reviews.

Took the words from my mouth...

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