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Intel The VP of Intel's digital enterprises group told the INQ this morning that the Itanium microprocessor is starting to make waves in the corporate enterprise market. Kirk Skaugen, of the servers platform group, showed a slide which claimed the Itanium processor was eating into Sun and IBM Power shares, based on "customer revenues". He also said that since the fourth quarter of 2003, applications for the Itanium family had grown to 5900 by the end of 2005.
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From my experience
by jimmystewpot on Thu 19th Jan 2006 09:18 UTC
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The interesting issue here is that Intel and HP have effectivly shot themselves in the foot. As a previously pure Digital Tru64 (Alpha RISC) environment we have gone through several vendor changes in recent years. First from Digital (DEC) then to Compaq then over to HP. Through that time the support has gone from excellent to good to horrid. Through that time we had assurances that they had planned out the migration from Tru64 to HPUX on Itanium. What they forgot to mention or even think about was if the customers where going to go down that route. We have now invested heavily in moving any new business away from HP, not only because the HP migration plans and support contracts where dead weight but because they tried to push us onto a Platform that our software would not work on and the vendor had no intentions to write an itanium port due to what they saw as "a difficulty developing for that arch". Through the entire process i constantly have felt that the HP buyout of Compaq was a knive aimed at the RISC market rather than for any real benefit to HP. I dont know if that is how it really was intended behind the scenes but its the way its come across to us as customers and speaking to other Compaq/Dec Alpha owners I have got similar comments.

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