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Windows A set of banchmarks has proven that under some conditions, WINE can beat Windows XP SP2 at some tests. To be exact, out of 147 tests, WINE beats Windows XP on 67. The WINE version used was 0.9.5, running on a Gentoo Linux system, with some fairly decent hardware.
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My experience
by siride on Thu 19th Jan 2006 20:59 UTC
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Wine is pretty good with older programs. They don't have to be that much older, but definitely the newest latest and greatest does not run well. I am using it for Internet Explorer 6, iTunes and Microsoft Office 2000 and for the most part, performance is okay. Not as good as native apps (or when running those apps on Windows), but these programs are definitely quite usable. I plopped down 40 bucks for Crossover Office and for the supported programs, it works great. Unsupported programs are hit or miss, but I think overall Wine does a pretty good job given the task set before it.

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