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Windows A set of banchmarks has proven that under some conditions, WINE can beat Windows XP SP2 at some tests. To be exact, out of 147 tests, WINE beats Windows XP on 67. The WINE version used was 0.9.5, running on a Gentoo Linux system, with some fairly decent hardware.
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by DeadFishMan on Fri 20th Jan 2006 04:57 UTC
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WINE is almost reaching a point where it will be good enough to most people. I was kinda surprised when I began to realize that some Windows shareware/freeware developers were recommending WINE as a solution to run their software on Linux as is the case of ArtRage - - which is a nice paint package that reproduces natural media (aaaaaand works perfectly, as I am rather fond of this app on Linux) and Shareaza - - which doesnīt need to be introduced, I guess... :-)

KaZaa is another well known app that worked perfectly on Linux on top of Wine (or it could be Kazaa Lite, its full-featured-but-non-ad/spyware-crippled cousin, I canīt quite remember...). I used to use it until Apollon hit the streets.

Iīve even seen some people developing keeping Wine compatibility as a goal. The Application Database at WineHQ have valuable information about the status of popular applications and the simple ones "just work", without requiring tweaks on config files nor anything like that.

Sure, it has room to growth but it is still one of the best tools to help one to maintain his/her transition to OSS operating systems smoother than it could be otherwise.

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