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GNU, GPL, Open Source "When I first got into open source many moons ago, the advocacy movement was a thriving and vocal part of the community. Most of the movers and shakers back in the day were advocating the use of free and open software at work, to their friends and to their local community via LUGs and other groups. Back then, advocacy was a key part of the community, not only in showing existing computer users this alternative software, but also advising disadvantaged people for whom free software could really open up the doors to skill, employment and potential. Recently it seems this community-driven advocacy effort has petered out somewhat, and there are far fewer people talking about, conducting, exploring, refining and pushing open aource advocacy."
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RE[5]: Maybe more subtle?
by tomcat on Fri 20th Jan 2006 07:21 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Maybe more subtle?"
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This is not a good argument in respect to if it's "right" or "wrong".

You're cherry-picking. My argument was based on the fact that practically nobody in the real world needs access to source code in order to find value in software. Availability of source code just isn't an issue for them.

You want to veer into religion. Sorry, not biting. I don't see software as a religious issue. It's a tool. If the proprietary stuff works for you, so be it: Use it. If open source code works better, so be it: Use it.

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